Opioid Epidemic and CBD Oil: All you need to know

Opioid Epidemic and CBD Oil: All you need to know

The life we are living in today has been corrupted by the use of drugs that leave us vulnerable to addiction. Some of these drugs also end up causing severe defects in our bodies instead of treating us. For this reason, we want to have a look at the relation between opioid epidemics and cannabidiol.

About Addiction

Addiction is often defined as the urge to use a drug subsistence to support you carry out your day to day activities. By beginning to use a drug, you always strive to better your life but as you get used to it, you will realize that you cannot live without it.  it’s a common problem to those who use cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamines, nicotine and even opioids. The biggest challenge with adduction is that one may wish to withdraw from subsistence abuse but the side effects of withdrawal are always dangerous and can destroy your life if you do not seek treatment.

Where does CBD pain relief cream come in? Whenever we have some pain, the available treatment options are normally prescription drugs that act on our opioid receptors. Excessive use of these drugs makes us vulnerable and unable to work without drugs. Thus, there is a need to use treatment options that cannot affect your opioids receptors.

CBD and its use against pain and depression

cannabidiol have so far been discovered to be the best treatment option for chronic pain and inflammation. CBD pain relief cream has anti-inflammatory properties that normally help to reduce inflammation in various parts of the body. Buying CBD oil online will always help you to identify the best CBD for pain. CBD pain relief rub improves the working of our immune system to ensure the receptors respond appropriately to ease pain and improve the healing time.

The use of CBD oil for depression is popular today. This is because cannabidiol just like other endocannabinoids can interact with the dopamine receptors. These receptors have a greater role in managing mood, anxiety, and depression. With a relaxed mind and a happy mood, you are likely not to suffer much from the effects of depression.

Is CBD an addiction antidote?

There is a good reason as to why we can say that cannabidiol can help to overcome addiction. Most people who have been opioid addicts find it very difficult to withdraw. This is due to the side effects which include stress, depression, pain, loose of focus and reduce attention. As it’s very well clear now that CBD pain relief cream can help to combat both pain and depression, we can be sure that CBD is the only addiction antidote.

Opioid Epidemic and CBD Oil: All you need to know

CBD can also be replaced by opioid starting at lower doses. The effects of CBD pain relief rub are normally minor and temporary which makes them a good substitute for opioids. CBD can also help in the repair and growth of brain cells that have been damaged by opioids. this will improve the communication amongst the brain cells hence restoring the body to its normal function.

CBD and Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Epidemic is claiming many lives. Without hope for tomorrow, many run for buprenorphine, naltrexone, and Methadone to overcome the effects of the Opioid Epidemic. As much as they are the only option we have, they manifest several and at times dangerous side effects. they do not really treat the effects of Opioid epidemics such as anxiety, pain, depression, stress, insomnia among others. When you buy CBD pain relief rub, it will help you to overcome all the side effects associated with the opioid epidemic. The reason is that Cannabidiol prevents the craving for opioids and counteract the effects caused by the addiction or opioids withdrawal attempts.

What do the Study and researches say?

Epidiolex, the only drug that contains CBD was approved by FDA in 2018 as a prescription drug for a type of epilepsy. This implies that cannabidiol demonstrated a higher level of medical benefits and limited side effects.

Scientific research published in 2009 where rats were tested for heroin addiction. Rats were trained in which they would press alive for them to get heroin. When they were given CBD instead of heroin, there craving for heroin reduced

A study on  CBD and opioids that were carried out on humans indicated that when you administer CBD together with fentanyl, it’s very safe and can be tolerated by healthy individuals who are non-opioid dependent. A report that was published on 21/5/2019 also indicated that the sue of Epidiolex apart from treating epilepsy, can also reduce the level of cortisol. This hormone normally increases whenever there are stress and anxiety.


In general, it’s pretty simple and clear to say that CBD oil can be a great treatment option for addiction. But it’s always recommended that before you use CBD oil products, you consult the doctor to determine the level of your medical need. Using too much does of CBD may cause you more harm than good and as such, you need to read the product label to determine the appropriate dosage.

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