Skin Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Skin Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Skin cancer is actually some abnormal occurrences in your skin. This growth actually does really brings a lot of discomforts and may even threaten your life if it’s actually not taken care of. The skin cancer can actually develop anywhere especially in areas that are normally exposed to the sun. What defines the kind of skin cancer is actually the kind of cells that are involved. There are a variety of the kinds of skin cancer such as the basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell and also the melanoma.

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is actually malignant growth on the skin that always traces their origin from the cells of the superficial layer of the skin. The skin cancers actually do not metastasize and therefore the patients are actually not exposed to risks of encroaching other skin areas, unlike the malignant melanoma that may actually spread.

Varieties of the skin cancers do really exist and the most common ones are the basal cell carcinoma. Others are squamous cell carcinoma and the melanoma. The melanoma cancer is actually the most severe and dangerous than the other two but they rarely occur.

What are the causes of Skin Cancer?

Among the leading causes of skin cancer are:

Ultraviolet Lights Exposures

These dangers are actually so common in areas where the sun rays are so intense. The persons who are majorly affected are the fair-skinned persons and those with some kind of blond or even red eyes. The ultraviolet rays are actually not friendly with the skins and can cause cancer.

Suppressed Immune System

If the individual’s immune system has been greatly interfered with, this person becomes vulnerable to skin cancer. The kind of maladies that might really compromise the immune system are the HIV/Aids infection  and also other maladies such as cancer. Some medications also may really interfere with the immune system hence posing individuals to risk of cancer.

Exposure to Dangerous Rays

X- Rays, for instance, have an effect of ionizing your body. This may actually make you vulnerable to skin cancer issues.


Some family trees do really have a long-lasting history of skin cancer. This might be traced to the defects in the DNA types.

What are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer does pose a variety of symptoms before its effects are felt. They include:

  • Persistent sores that may last for a longer period
  • Pink skin growths that may show some kind of raised borders and a trusted center
  • Some scar like growths
  • The occurrence of scaly red patches that are actually venerable and can bleed easily.

Treatments available for Skin Cancer

Treatments available for Skin Cancer

Treatments for skin cancer are actually available. The location and also the size of the skin tumor will actually determine the choice of the kind of therapy to be used. Other factors that may also be a determinant for the choice of the treatment is the health status of the affected person. They include:

Electro-desiccation and Curettage

This is actually one of the treatment options that will require some anesthetics. The affected area will be actually scrapped manually using the sharp object. The electric needle is then used to cauterize the edges.

Topical Treatments

Here some creams or even gels are applied to the affected areas so as to stimulate the release of the enzymes that will gap the cancer issues. They release enzymes such as the interferon and also the fluorouracil. This topical treatment might give rise to some side effects such as irritation and inflammations.

Surgical Excision

This kind of treatment is actually more expensive and it’s actually very precise. The anesthetic will be used to take care of pain and a portion of the affected area is completely removed! It may really need some sutures to fill the gap that is left after excision exercise. It has the greatest success rate of even up to 90 %. The scars left after the exercises are also cosmetically accept.

Moh’s Micrographic Surgery

This exercise is actually applicable for the tumors that might have been previously treated and it still recurs. The surgeon actually removes the visible tumor and it’s evaluated. Any traces of tumors is continually removed until there are no more traces of such tumors. The process is actually costly and it’s the surest way to get treated from the skin cancer.


This is also another option where drugs can be applied directly through an injection or even through direct applications. You can also orally take them.

Expert’s Opinions

From the expert’s point of view, the skin cancers are actually treatable and you can actually get a lasting treatment if it’s actually treated before it develops into a chronic one. A team of specialist will always work together to suggest a lasting solution any time you are diagnosed with such a condition.


To conclude with, skin cancer is a malady that’s actually curable, it’s always important to seek the doctor’s help so as to identify the kid of the skin cancer that may be haunting you and you will get the best plan for treatment!



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