TeaMi Detox Review –Best Detox in the Market


Detox tea has been used by generations to cleanse the body from toxins, reduce bloating and for weight loss purposes. The company behind the manufacture of TeaMi detox is TeaMi Company. TeaMi is a private independent company that was founded in 2013 by Adi Arazzini who is the current CEO. TeaMi blends is the site were people buy tea blends – one of the many reasons its considered the best detox tea rather than other detox tea in the market.

What are the TeaMi Ingredients?

There are two types of teaMi cleansers:

  • TeaMi colon cleanse tea
  • TeaMi skinny

Teami colon tea contains: valerian root, Rhubarb root, Senna leaf & root, lotus leaf& extract, Psyllium husk leaf, Phaseolus Calcareous seed, Peoria Cocos Stem Bark and Hawthorn Berry Extract.

TeaMi skinny contains: Yerba Mate, Oolong, Lotus leaf, Rhubarb Root and Ginger Root.

TeaMi Price

On you can select a tea that will work for you. This will depend on your budget. There is a 30 day detox pack that goes for $49.99. The same pack on sells for $47.49.

You can also purchase a 4-month pack that sells for $139 on the teaMi blends site. To avoid the bustle of buying and waiting for delivery all the time you should buy the 4-month pack to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Taste of TeaMi

There are various blends that teaMi offers. Colon tea tastes good as long as you take it hot. The smell though is not so great. Skinny tea on the other hand smells and tastes good. The tastes are great and it all depends on whether you take it hot or not and whatever you add when making it.

TeaMi Flavors

There are two available flavors:

  • TeaMi colon cleanse tea
  • TeaMi skinny

There are also blends of teaMi available in their site.

Benefits of TeaMi

Benefits of TeaMi

Detoxify your body – The toxins that build up in your colon and can prevent proper nutrient absorption. Colon cleanse is very effective and strong according to reviews.

Boost metabolism – most people use diet pills to help them in their diet but which are full of chemicals that may be bad for their digestive system. TeaMi has ingredients that increase metabolism in the body.

Suppresses appetite and cravings – the cleansers support weight loss in that one no longer needs to use harmful diets. The body will not gain extra weight due to unnecessary dinning.

Help your digestive system – due to toxins in the body and chemicals the digestive system might have problems from time to time. Colon cleanse tea is the one that is responsible for the cleansing of the digestive system.

Reduce bloatind – the teas are responsible for reducing bloating in the body. Bloating makes one look way bigger than they actually are. Once you take these teas the results on your tummy will be rewarding.

Naturally raise your energy levels – Your performance in the gym will be improved due to high energy levels from the tea. All ingredients in the teas are natural so the body is safe from harmful chemicals promised by weight loss supplements to increase energy.

Improved skin complexion – Chemicals that were hoarded in the body and toxins when removed from the body leaves the skin looking healthy and radiant. When the colon is free from toxins the body can absorb nutrients again efficiently.

Potential side Effects of TeaMi

The teas are safe and only natural ingredients are used. No preservatives and they are GMO free, gluten free and Dairy free.

Pregnant or lactating mothers are not allowed to use the tea. However they can consult their medical practitioner for advice if they are to use it.

Also people under medication should not use it too.

Once you start taking the teas make sure that you stay hydrated. Lack of water in the body might trigger headaches and dizziness.

What are users saying?

With Kylie Jenner and Cardi B endorsing the product on Instagram millions of their followers are buying the product now. The influence celebrities have on products is ridiculously huge. Though on amazon there are negative comments the monthly pack has an average of 3.5 stars from 408 reviews.

It is interesting to see how contradicting the reviews are. There are some that love the taste and smell. Some hate it -Quite a strong word to use. There is one reviewer who keeps updating the review according to the results and it is clear that the detox works for her.

A verified reviewer who gave the pack 3-star rating says “The product is amazing, but the colon cleanse is very strong and I would not advice anyone to use the tea at night.

There are many reviews similar to this. Clearly it works as advertised.

Bottom Line

The product is amazing according to reviews and it is safe to say they are the best tea in the market. The best advice to give at this point to someone who wants to achieve the benefits stated above is; Do not use it just because a famous person thinks it’s good. This teas are powerful and if you are not serious with keeping a healthy lifestyle then you will not achieve the desired goal. All you have to do is have a plan.



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